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Food Therapy


Food Therapy sessions are carried out at The Children’s Clinic in Bondi Junction. Therapy goals are identified and established from the Mandy-Lee’s thorough assessment. All therapy is individualised to meet the needs of each baby/child and their family.  They typically run for 45 minutes. The frequency of the sessions will depend on the individual child’s needs. Mandy-Lee incorporates the beliefs of the Sensory-Oral Sequential (SOS) Approach to feeding in her therapy. Mandy-Lee uses sensory desensitization and food play with a range of foods. The Steps to eating hierarchy are followed in order to develop and achieve individual therapy goals. Mandy-Lee also incorporates various other approaches into her therapy including The Wilbarger Therapressure Program and The Fun with Food Programme, as well as the principles and techniques of various other therapies. 


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